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Dilapidation Refurbishment Dartford - Dilapidation Repairs Dartford

When vacating leased commercial shops, offices or industrial units in Dartford, the tenant is responsible for returning the building to its former condition from the start of the tenancy. Dilapidation repair works and refurbishment can include anything from thoroughly cleaning the premises internally and externally and removing any alterations made to the building, including painting, electrical and plumbing modifications.

We provide a free no-obligation on-site survey and price quote to establish the customer meets the landlords' requirements for dilapidation refurbishment on time and budget.

Services included in our dilapidation refurbishment package for Dartford include:

Cladding - often, the cladding of a building will become dirty and drab over time and built up damage such as holes, rust, and scratches will need to be alleviated. Some tenants also change the cladding colour, which our contractors can respond to in the original shade if necessary. We can provide a complete cladding cleaning, repairs, replacement and respray when requested.

Roofs - Anything from roof cleaning repairs and recoating, our cleaning division can assist with any industrial or commercial roof cleaning services required to meet any dilapidation refurbishment. Our paint spraying sector can recoat any paint damage to the building.

Guttering - Often overlooked the guttering system from cleaning to repairs that require attention from previous neglect, our gutter division can clean, repair or replace any problems with the guttering system of a building.

Floors - Our contractors can help with this aspect of dilapidation and repair any damage to the flooring that has occurred from, for example, machines removed that were previously bolted to the floor or walls and floor coatings that have become worn and damaged.

Plumbing - Any alterations to a building's plumbing are quickly removed and previous plumbing restored to its original format.

Electrical - We can fix any damaged electrical fixtures or wiring or remedy any installation that has taken place, including security cameras and other customised electrical fittings.

Cleaning - At its most basic level of dilapidation, where no alterations or damage have arisen, the services required are cleaning. Similar to the end of tenancy cleaning on domestic rented properties. We can assist with every cleaning requirement in Dartford from gutter and roof cleaning to cladding and outer grounds, including patios, car parks, driveways and pathways.

We can ensure every property area receives the procedure demanded to look as good as new and comply with the landlord's dilapidation requirements in Dartford, please contact us for a free on-site survey and price quotation.